Rooted Since 1915™

We're all about bringing you modern, authentic, and fun experiences through our trusted and bold selection of fresh products. From our vibrant carrot creations to our innovative veggie snacks, we’re here to make healthy eating exciting and convenient. Dive into the freshness and taste the difference with Bolthouse Fresh Foods – where quality meets passion every day.

Embrace Fresh: Elevate Your Everyday

At Bolthouse Fresh Foods, we believe in making a difference, one fresh choice at a time. Our passion for fresh, nutritious foods drives us to create a positive impact on our people, our land, and our communities. We’re all about quality, service, and teamwork, bringing you the best in every bite. Together, we can inspire healthy habits and create lasting change. Join us on this fun and flavorful journey to make every day a little brighter and a lot fresher!

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