Produce Grown with Quality and Care

Farmers don’t like to talk about themselves. We prefer to listen. To the sun. The soil. The seasons. When you pay close attention to these details and put in extra work, everything grows just right. That’s why we wake up early every morning to deliver on our promise.

Making Better Choices
for the Planet

Soil Health

At Bolthouse Fresh Foods, we care deeply about our legacy on our fields. Our dedicated farmers care about the land, using compost and cover crops on our own fields to promote soil health.


Our process is designed to make use of the whole carrot. From tips to greens, we ensure each inch of the carrot reaches its full potential. Carrots are cut and peeled into baby carrots or shaped into Chips and Matchstix. The leftover tops are used as fertilizer in the field.

Renewable Energy

At one of our farms in California’s Antelope Valley, we use pivot irrigation systems to water our crops and we power this system in part through renewable energy provided by solar panels. The two solar array systems here are 1.6-MW combined. This irrigation system provides uniform water application, which ensures more efficient hydration of the carrot crop.