Bolthouse Fresh Foods stands out as a leader in carrot production, functioning as a grower, packer, processor, and shipper. Packaging under the name brand Bolthouse Farms, Bolthouse Fresh Foods' distribution roots extend to both retail and food service operations, with national distribution in major retailers across the United States, Canada, and parts of Asia. Bolthouse Fresh Foods is headquartered in the California Central Valley community of Bakersfield and is a proud employer of 1,600 employees.


We plant seeds bred for their sweet taste, small core, and optimal color/vitamin content. We harvest them while they're still young and tender.

We grow a special variety which yields a smaller, thinner carrot. They are harvested a bit premature, cut into 2 inch pieces and peeled. They are not made from a full size carrot. If you will compare the core of a full size carrot with the core of a baby-but carrot, you can see a huge difference. The core of a baby cut carrot is very small, which usually means the carrot will be sweeter. They are not genetically altered.

Yes. They are washed and ready to be eaten.

No. The sweetness of our carrots is all natural.

No. Bolthouse Farms does not add any preservatives to its carrots.

Yes. Our carrots are chilled before they are bagged and they stay refrigerated until you buy them. We recommend keeping them refrigerated.

Our products are intended to be consumed fresh. We do not recommend freezing them.

Bolthouse Farms is one of the largest carrot growers and distributors in the U.S. As part of our growing approach, we provide locally grown carrots from Washington, Georgia, Florida, Eastern Canada and Arizona, in addition to California.

Carrots are a root, meaning they either want to store water or supply it. In the refrigerator, they try to supply it. Soak them in a bowl of icy water for a few minutes and the whiteness should fade.

No, we do not use any carrots that have been produced through biotechnology.